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14 Hacks To Ensure Your Drains Keep Clean

A System With A Clogged Drain Is Really Inconvenient Particularly When It Occurs At The Most Inopportune Time. Clogged drains can mean leakage and poor quality because of water left sitting for too long. Regular maintenances can avert this nightmare.

Accumulation of grease, debris, tiny objects and intrusive tree roots cause drain blockage. Clogged drainage systems can happen in both your house and in the main lines.

However, By Following These Rules You Can Avoid A Clogged Drain

1. Should you experience a minor clog, use a plunger. That should take care of it.

2. Clear the debris from under your bathtub stoppers a couple of times per week. In addition, make sure you rinse off the stopper before you return it to where it was originally.

3. If You Shed A Lot Of Hair, Make Sure You Put A Mesh Over The Bath Or Sink Drain Before Washing It. Just as you prevent food going down the sink in the kitchen, you should ensure hair doesn't go down your bathroom pipes.

4. To prevent hair from accumulating in the drains, try brushing your hair ahead of a bath to remove broken strands.

5. Call a plumber to cover your drains with grates To Clean Your Drains, You Should Always Use A Non - Corrosive, Anti - Bacterial Drain Cleaner.

6. It is never a good idea to plant or grow flowers and trees near your drainage system's pipes to lessen clogging due to intrusion of tree roots.

7. Sign an annual contract with a drainage company. The good thing about this is, they perform occasional drainage inspections and maintenance services on your drainage system. One good company to offer a package such as this in Leicestershire is Drainage Leicestershire. The drainage system of your home will benefit from maintenance and telling your family about this is a good idea.

8. Steer clear of chemical cleaners. In the long term, their corrosive action damage your pipes.

9. Stop Treating Your Drain Like A Dustbin. It is not a dustbin.

10. Avoid putting grease, oil, fat, coffee, meat, rice, gum, hair, condoms, medications, cosmetics, and other such substances down the drain.

11. Drains are designed for water q nothing else q except for the toilet, which is able to handle water plus human wastes.

12. Take A Wire Coat Hanger Straighten It And Bend One End To Make A Hook, Then Insert It Into The Drain To Get The Junk Out.

13. Keep grease from building up in your drain by regularly pouring hot saltwater through your sink.

14. There are, of course, many other tips for maintaining your drainage system, some of which are unconventional. Just make sure you don't use acidic solutions.

If you are having issues with your drainage system and you have tried all the aforementioned tips but to no avail and are not in a contract with a drainage company, don't apply too much force to your drain, as that can lead to damages you, of course, want to avoid. Instead, you should get in touch with a plumber. For residents in the Leicestershire area, Drainage Leicestershire are the perfect solution to all your drainage system needs.