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Call Us Today. Our Cctv Drain Survey Service In Leicestershire Can Find All Kind Of Faults

At Drainage Leicestershire, we use the best CCTV drain survey equipment to carry out a detailed inspection of your drainage system. This CCTV technology makes it possible for us to diagnose your drainage system with surgical accuracy. Our experts use a highly - specialized camera system.

  • We inspect your drainage problems such as displaced joints and poorly laid pipes.
  • Our commitment to excellence, starting with our thorough inspections have made us the go - to name in drainage in Leicestershire
  • Ask your friends and neighbors, you'll find that we are already trusted by thousands in Leicestershire.

We Provide Professional Services In Leicestershire That Include:

A Non - Invasive Methodology

The CCTV inspection cameras are connected to computers in our fully - equipped vans, which is how our engineers in the analysis unit get real - time images of your drainage system. To discover the state and structural status of your drains or sewer, our professionals will examine the images.

This process is simple and accurate and doesn't disturb the environment or your property.

When It Comes To Inspection Of Drains In Leicestershire Using Cctv Technology, We Are The Experts

At Drainage Leicestershire, we have become very adept at using this complex technology. If there is a more sophisticated CCTV unit, then it hasn't entered the market. Our investment in this technology is a testament to the fact that we always aim for the best results in our sewer and drain inspection services

Rodent Infiltration

Are rats and similar rodents a problem in your home? We can easily examine your drains with our CCTV cameras to check for rodent activity.

The drainage system can provide rats with easy entry to your property By gnawing at small flaws in the pipes, rats can create a route through the pipes. If you're seeking ISO 140001 accreditation, you will need a drainage survey and CAD drawings of your drainage system and that is where our knowledge and technology in these systems will be of great use

Our Service Employs High - Tech Innovation In Cctv Survey - The Reliable Company In Leicestershire

Panoramo: A Fast And Efficient Cctv Inspection Feature For 360 - Degree Viewing.

Drainage Leicestershire is among the first to adopt panoramic CCTV for inspection of drains in Leicestershire Unlike traditional survey cameras which require tilting and panning in order to view and record images, the Panorama enables you do everything in one quick move. The Panoramo travels with a speed of up to 35 cm/s.

And apart from the ability to quickly map the drain or sewer, it has a memory for recording the data. To make repair and maintenance decisions, nothing beats analyzing the images gathered and recalled from our Panoramo camera.

Enjoy Time And Cost Savings With Lisy

Drainage Leicestershire uses LISY sat cam developed mainly for CCTV inspection of lateral drains and sewers. Using this technology, we can perform a quick and cost - effective surveillance on your drain.

We use it to access lateral sewers and drains straight from the mainline without having to enter your property

LISY can go up to a hundred meters inside the main sewer Because of its usefulness, water companies responsible for private sewers now use it for their respective functions.

Our Software Ensures We Keep The Quality High And The Costs Low

Our goal is always to provide our customers good work, at a good value, and to do it with minimal disruption; our CCTV drain survey equipment makes that possible By using this equipment we enable our customers to enjoy reduced costs and faster completion of jobs

Laser Technology For Accurate Analysis

To obtain accurate information about the sewer's shape, we use Profiler and fit it into CCTV inspection equipment The profiler is able to record the deviation of any pipe from its initial round shape. It can also detect other things such as deformation in pipes, erosion, accumulated debris, holes and many other problems

Call Us Now For Affordable High - Quality Cctv Drainage Survey Service

When it comes to CCTV surveying, we have set ourselves apart from the rest We at Drainage Leicestershire have worked for years to achieve an enviable status in Leicestershire. From the onset, our goal has always been to deliver quality, excellence, and affordability with our service. We have sought to expand on how CCTV technology can be used in this industry

Our competition are frustrated with the extent to which we go to satisfy our customers and the unexcelled quality we have become known for

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